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  • 2-16 LOSS WuXia   //   Counter Strike

  • 0 - 3 LOSS Glory   //   NBA2K20

  • 7-5 WIN Siren   //   Rainbow-Six Siege

About Us

Trident Esports is a premiere organization currently located in the Oceanic Region. Well established now since its inception in 2012, Trident is no stranger to the Esports scene having fielded many teams across a multitude of titles and platforms and taking the name to the international stage. We aim to consistanly push the top tier of Oceanic Esports and deliver well prepared and skilled teams to the Region. We are strong believers in the advancement and future of eSports in our region and as a top tier organization we think it our responsiblity to do everything in our power to ensure the Region continues to move forward.

OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

Cody Smith

I've had a dream, a dream to create a brand, an organization that will help put OCE eSports on the map! My vision rapidly took off and my dreams became reality when Trident Esports was born. Whilst this started out as a hobby for myself, it turned into something much more and even I have been astounded at what has come from this dream. I've created a family that has seen players grow as gamers and as individuals. It is hard at times dealing with young teenage players but I have been there to mentor them and show them the right path in their esports journey. Day to day I will laisse with Trident Management about how things are running and making sure it is always in line with Trident vision. I'm always looking at new and exciting avenues that Trident can venture on. There is no member of Trident, either player or management that is off limits and I'll continue to give my time to whoever needs it, whenever they need it. Above all else I'm very grateful to see the effect this organisation has had on the scene through growth and exposure and cannot wait to further make an impact, it started in Australia, now the world is in my sights.

General Manager


Team Operations Manager

Keith Brown

Social Media Manager


Creative Director

Cam Bell

I’m Cam B, the creative director for Trident Esports, with 5+ years of experience in graphic design and 3+ years working in the Esports industry I have worked with some of the biggest names in Esports such as Excel Esports. I have a drive and passion for graphic design and making the best work I can to make my clients stand out that bit more. Growing up and living in the United Kingdom I’ve worked with many UK Esport organisations but now working with an Australian team it’s great to see how things are different and also show more people how I can change a brand with their graphics. You can view my work here: