Coming out of the Oceanic PUBG series, we wanted to have a quick interview with the Captain of our PUBG team, StrayaKents and get to learn a bit more about the team.

  1. What games did you get into before PUBG?

“We have a team who had previously played competitive CS:GO at different periods [in our careers].”

  1. What is the story of your team? How did you get Garfield, Jam, and Fall together?

“The team came together after Garfield and I had departed with another organization and were looking for players that had skill [and] the right attitude. FallChaos came to us [as] a very enthusiastic individual that has played a vital support role within the team. Our most recent core member, JamGucci, joined the team when we were looking for a stronger fragger role for the first PUBG Continental Series tournament of 2020. He has shown his ability to get points by getting high stats in both kills and damage.”

  1. What was the biggest lesson learnt from this last game?

“We have to learn not to put too much pressure on ourselves but play our game and do well like we always have.”

Moving forward, we’re looking forward to be working alongside the team and being apart of their growth as individuals and a team. #RaiseYourTrident