As of 20th of September 2020, Murdoch University has been allocated $360 million dollars as part of the recent city deal. A portion of which will be put towards the development of a new eSports stadium.

City deals are partnerships between private enterprise and federal, state and local governments in order to promote investment. This deal will create 10,000 jobs, upgrade city icons, develop cycle ways and facilities, such as Murdoch’s new vertical campus and eSports stadium (Prime Minister of Australia, September 2020).

Pentanet.GG, a Perth-based esport organisation, has been interacting with Murdoch University throughout the years of this now solidified partnership’s proceedings. Both Pantanet.GG and Murdoch University share the common goal of further establishing Perth as the centre of Australian esports.

“We are excited about the prospect of an esports stadium being developed as part of Murdoch’s CBD campus. Perth’s proximity to Asia – which incorporates the largest gamer base in the world – makes Perth and Western Australia an ideal location for an esports hub.”

Stephen Cornish, Managing Director of Pentanet.GG told EsportInsider

Furthermore, Pentanet.GG went on to tell the Ministry of Sport, “A key message we always try to drive is that Perth is a perfect location for an Australasian esports hub, so it’s really great that now there’s going to be an esports stadium and esports initiatives that Murdoch are doing.”

With this massive investment to further esports in Oceania, we as a community are just one more step closer in securing esports as another form of official sports. It might be possible that in the coming years, Australia could see the same level of education and career pathways that can be seen in other counties such as the United States and Korea.