We decided to have a quick interview with one of our longer standing roster’s Captains, Brindyyy of our CS:GO team. Get to know him a bit more, learn about the teams creation, and how everything came around.

  • What was the first shooter you got into? What did you enjoy about it?

“The first shooter I got into was Halo 2. At first, I enjoyed it because I thought the campaign was amazing. My best friend in highschool had a LAN network set up in his house that he and his older brothers used to play on in their rooms, and right as Halo 3 came out, his brothers all moved out of home. He would invite heaps of people over on weekends and we have a 16 person LAN, all weekend on Halo 3, and that is when I was introduced to competitive Halo and MLG. That then became Call of Duty on console which I competed in from 2011 until 2015. Then I found CSGO and haven’t looked back. I know that some of my teammates started their competitive journey on COD4 promod, so a few of us have been around various esport scenes for a long time now.”


  • Do you enjoy other genres? If so, why?

“I did enjoy moba’s for a long time. I played League of Legends before Oceania had servers and enjoyed it up until about a year ago. I love watching DOTA 2 tournaments. It seems like a really great scene and the matches can be amazing to watch. Age of Empires 2 is an all-time favorite of mine as well, but that’s really the only RTS I have played. I personally have a lot have relationship with Battle Royale games... At the moment, I hate them.”


  • How did you get the team together? What is your team’s story?

“Before we formed, we were all trialing for other teams. Matrikz and I were trialing for a few of the same teams and had a conversation about how we both wanted to be in a team and just vibed well together. After a few more trials with other teams we both decided building [a team] was the way to go. We were just on the same page and it seemed right. I hit up Procro because he is one my best friends in the scene and is an experienced player. Matrikz hit up Synical as he had teamed up with him previously and we all get along great. Then we needed 1 more. When we were trialing for our 5th, we were looking for somebody that just fit in with the group vibe straight away. Procro and Synical both knew Thrila and were good friends with him. When we trialed him, he fit in right away. [The] vibe was there, chemistry was there, and that was it.”

  • What are your long-term goals as a team?

“Our long-term goal is to push into the highest divisions of Oceanic CS. When we built the team, we talked about this and we know it might not happen straight away. We have all played at a reasonable level, but we all want this team to go further than any of us have previously. I’m obviously biased, but I think we can achieve this goal in time.”


From strangers trialing at the same teams, to creating a team and officially entering the ocean, there is so much potential with this team and we cannot wait to see what they’ll achieve moving forward! #RaiseYourTrident