Content Creators

Content Creators
  • Pandi

    Louana Takotohiwi

    Hello, My name is Louana but you can call me Pandi or loulou. I am 21 years old. My hobbies include variety of sports, video games (of course) and reading....Read More

  • FoxMason

    Scott Mason

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  • SqueakyBoot

    Jeff P

    My name is Jeff and I live near Denver, Colorado. I'm a variety streamer, playing mostly FPS games on Twitch. I'm currently an affiliated Twitch streamer, grinding to try and get partnered. I have a chill stream, with a chill and welcoming community....Read More

  • Koinz

    Keenan Kloppenburg

    Full-time streamer Cs player, Video editor, Prod's dad...Read More

  • StarlyAU

    Starla Tanoi

    My name is Starla Tanoi i'm a Content Creator for Trident Esports, i'm 22 years of age and live in Sydney Australia I also enjoy streaming in my spare time. My hobbies include: Gym, Oztag & Touch. Currently in a relationship with my beautiful girlfriend Ashlee....Read More

  • Ash on LoL

    Ashleigh Rust

    ...Read More

  • smudgers

    David Taylor

    I'm a dad, husband, graphic designer, ninja, sci-fi nerd and below average gamer that enjoys hanging out with my family and playing video games. Fortnite BR is my go to game right now, but I enjoy a lot of different PC, XBox and Nintendo titles. // Above aged gamer with below average skills | PC / Xbox One X / Nintendo Switch / 360 / Wii U / Creative | GT: smudgers | Content Creator for Trident eSports...Read More