Trident LoL changes.

Sun 15th May 2016 - 3:07am LoL

After the relegation happened from the OPL we as management felt it in the best interest of the players that they get to live their dream and further advance their careers by still playing in the OPL so we said to them if you find an OPL team, go for it. Obviously that line up going into the OCS would have done very well but holding back individuals for our own personal gain and knowing that it wasn’t the best situation for them didn’t sit well with us. 

With above in mind we weren’t surprised that Abyss came forward and expressed their interest in Zach 'Pacman'. We know that Abyss is going to be a great home for Zach and we cant wait to see how he goes during the next split. We wish Zach and Abyss all the best in their OPL journey!

It was great dealing with Abyss and i commend them for their professionalism and the fact that we could come to an agreement such is this is testament to the progression of OCE Esports. 

With that i would love to welcome Pabu and General to Trident LoL who will be with us for this next OCS split. Obviously we got to witness them in full force against us in the relegation match and they are great guys both in game and out. It is going to be an exciting split for Trident and look forward to being able to provide you with some quality league action! Stay tuned for the complete roster announcement very soon.


Give them a follow on social media to keep up to date and get to know them. 



- Pacman to Abyss.

- Pabu & General to Trident.




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