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Fri 26th May 2017 - 2:13am : General

It’s with immense pleasure that we welcome the newest members to the Trident family! Over the course of early 2017 we have been looking to fill new roles in the organization and today we celebrate the selection of three fresh faces.

We’ve paid close attention to examining our applicants and from that we discovered these outstanding individuals. Every one of them is extremely experienced and involved in their respective communities and are going to be a great asset going forward in 2017.

I am confident that these new additions will fit smoothly into the community here at Trident and will help both us and the Overwatch team prosper from their refined knowledge.

William “SliWill” Slingsby is an experienced cinematographer and editor who has produced numerous pieces over the past few years from music videos to Halo events. Be sure to check out Will’s previous work on his website Will is joining us as the Director of Media and will be handling the media aspect of Trident.

Max “AustweL” Schulze is an amateur Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and the social media manager for MC E-Sports. Max is filling the position of Content Writer for Trident and is responsible for creating articles and write-ups.

Graeme “WarFear” Bryant is an ex-professional Call of Duty player with almost 10 years of experience in the competitive scene under his belt. Graeme will be assisting in coaching the Overwatch team along with the head coach Littlebomm.

In summary, these are the latest changes to Trident:

SliWill – Director of Media @SliWill

AustweL – Content Writer @AustweL

WarFear – Assistant Overwatch Coach @WarFearOW


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