We are extremely sad to see Trident SMITE disband.

Mon 11th Apr 2016 - 12:53pm General

We are extremely sad to see Trident SMITE disband as a team but these things do happen. The team was amazing to give it their all throughout the split even with persisting problems of the dynamic not really working with consistent changes involving multiple supports and people role swapping to try make a difference. We completely understand that at times, 5 people will struggle to gel in a way that creates a winning environment; this is as much relevant in real life as it is Esports. 

There is no way we would or could expect the team to continue on when they are not enjoying the game together, enjoyment of the game is the fundamental key to why we do this and the benefits that then come from doing something we love is a bonus.

This isn’t the end for Trident in SMITE and we absolutely love the scene and look to support it more.




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