Trident moves into Overwatch!

Sun 29th May 2016 - 7:32am Gaming

We here at Trident are happy to announce our move into Blizzards new title Overwatch with so much hype and excitment around this game and us wanting to help and get involved to grow this up and coming scene, it is with great excitement that we present to you our line up! We were very impressed with how the team presented themselves and the eagerness they showed to prove what they got.



Skull - Flex Twitter Twitch

Trace - DPS Twitter Twitch

Delther - Support Twitter Twitch

Stepwot - Tank Twitter

Bugalugs - DPS Twitter

NRG - Support Twitter

Here is what the team had to say "Having an established org like Trident backing us is a sign of things to come for the ANZ Overwatch scene, and for ourselves as a team and as players. We look forward to undertaking the grind and developing our team under the Trident banner. We'd like to thank Trident for their support of ANZ Overwatch and our roster. We can't wait to prove what this roster can achieve in the coming months."

The players are all very community driven and also make some outstanding content with active streams so stay tuned to the Trident twitter (@TridentEsports) as we will be tweeting out when they are live.


-Trident Management








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