Trident picks up a League of Legends team for the OPL

Mon 26th Oct 2015 - 10:39am : Gaming : LoL

In May 2015, Legacy eSports formed a training squad known as 'Genesis.' Not knowing just how high this team would soar, Legacy created it to be a tough competitor to the team's main roster as practice to qualify for the OPL.

This incredible 'practice' team went on to prove its worth during the 2016 Promotion Tournament where they ulitmately qualified for the OPL after crushing 'Sudden Fear' in a 3-0 defeat.

Faced with having two teams qualify for the OPL, Team Legacy had to sell Genesis to comply with the rule that prevents any organisation from owning more than one team in a premier-level league.

This is where the story gets especially exciting from our perspective ...

Trident eSports successfully acquired the team after meeting Legacy's requirements of being a "healthy organisation that contributes to the life of the scene".

“Trident has been super passionate about the League of Legends scene for some time,” said Cody 'BlackJackFx' James. “For quite a while we’ve been looking for an avenue into the OPL, but essentially never wanted to commit to a team or situation that didn’t feel 100% correct ... when Legacy Genesis came up, it was the perfect scenario for us and we set about right away to make it happen.”

“With all our past teams - and especially teams in a more developmental stage - we haven’t set a specific goal,” he continued. “Rather, we’ve encouraged their own foresight and personal goals, so they strive for their own success and feel they’re achieving their own goals.”

Captain Zachary ‘Pacman’ Bayne is confident the team can put up some solid results once the OPL starts. “I think a reasonable goal to aim for in our rookie split is to finish in the top four, making it to playoffs," he said.

“With more competitive experience under our belt ... I believe we will be able to contend the veteran OPL teams for the first place spot.”

January 2016 marks the beginning of something truly special for Trident's LOL Team, when the Oceanic Pro League commences you can be sure the boys will #bleedblue.




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