Trident CSGO Announcement

Thu 7th Jul 2016 - 2:52am CSGO

As of the 7/7/2016 we say goodbye to the Trident CSGO team as they head on over to their new home after many discussions and conversations had between both parties a final compensation was paid out and the team has been released to their new owners.


"We wish the very best to the team going towards a new home and adventure; we have watched two of the core players Yellow and Lonsdale grow so much and form many rosters to finally have come to a line up to be reckoned with. We hope they continue their dominance coming up to the ESL Championships and CGPL Division." Cody Smith - Owner & Founder of TridentEsports


Unfortunately this is not something we wanted to happen as an organisation and for us to miss out on a such a prestigious event like ESL ANZ Championships but we want what's best for our players and if the team feels like that is somewhere they want to be then we will not stop them from opportunities brought forth to the boys.


As i said this will be a great loss to us but it will not stop us from moving forward this will obviously open up a spot for us to look for a new team but this will happen in due time.








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