Iceman has departed Trident CSGO.

Mon 18th Apr 2016 - 12:26pm CSGO

Sometimes life just does its thing and for one reason or another things just don’t seem to line up 100%. With this I sadly have to say that 'Iceman' has parted ways with the Trident CS team. On one hand we are extremely happy that Iceman has a new job but on the sad side, this means that the time he can commit to the team has being reduced and puts a strain on himself and the team at the same time. I can’t speak highly enough of Andrew and the fact that even while travelling for work the last few weeks, the time he has had spare has been in net cafes or anywhere he can find a decent setup & connection just to be able to prac and prepare for the CGPL finals.

He will always be a part of the Trident family and unlucky for him his new job means spending four days in Adelaide a week so will be having to put up with my lacklustre CS skills when we catch up. I honestly hope I get to see him play CS more in the future as it has being a pleasure to be able to see him represent Trident.

Statement from Andrew ‘Iceman’.

‘I would like to thank the Trident family for a great experience in their organisation. In my short time here, everyone has been nothing but professional and welcoming. Anytime we needed something in the team someone from the management team would be there to help.

A special thankyou to Arena Internet Cafe in Adelaide for letting me prac there in the lead up to the CGPL finals- 

Unfortunately, we were unable to show better results but I am sure the team will only go on to be stronger!

GL to everyone in the team #Hatzhype!

My new twitter-

Rest assured the wheels are in motion to keep Trident CS as a top level competitive side and we look forward to being able to reveal the new roster soon.




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