ACL Sydney Wrap Up

Sun 28th Jun 2015 - 12:09pm COD Event General
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Final Placements
1st Renegades
2nd Team Immunity
3rd Team Exile-5
With sixteen teams in attendance the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare event promised some exciting matches and it didn’t disappoint. Trident eSports won against team Avant-Garde 6-4 and advanced to the Grand Final continuation series, again facing up against team Mindfreak. With a replay of Brisbane’s final, Mindfreak were able to take the victory with a 6-2 score.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Final Placements
1st Plantronics.Mindfreak
2nd TRIDENT Esports
4th Team Awafl
5th (tie) Uproar.iGnitionZ, Incept
7th (tie) Elucidate, Plantronics.Nv
9th (tie) Citadel Gaming, Roman Empire, Zero Gravity, Esports Militia
13th (tie) Team Exile, PickUps, Baker’s Delight, Bus Control
After an exciting first day of pool play matches, teams competed in a double elimination bracket to determine an overall winner for Halo 2: Anniversary. Team Best Friends took first place and $800 after an incredible day one play and some tough victories in the double elimination bracket.
Halo 2: Anniversary Final Placements:
1st Best Friends
2nd Never Back Town
3rd Nuke and Pave
4th Citadel Gaming
5th (tie) Strafe N Co, TBA
7th Street Always Wins
Forty players came together to compete for the prize pool and overall glory in the Starcraft II event. Finishing in first place was player Pigeon who, after an early loss, clawed their way back with an undefeated run through the second day of competition. Pigeon won 2-1 against NXZ.
Starcraft II Final Placements:
1st Pigeon
2nd NXZ
3rd Alopex
4th KingKong
5th (tie) Wally, MightyKiwi
7th (tie) Crimson, Pox
Trident eSports would like to thank the organisers of the event, our excellent teams and of course our sponsors: Turtle Beach, SCUF Gaming, Arma Centrum, Pacific ES, OnlineKeyStore, WTFast and GUNNAR Optiks.



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