ACL Melbourne Wrap Up

Tue 22nd Sep 2015 - 8:58am COD CSGO Event General

Union hall on La Trobe University's Bundoora campus played host to the third and final ACL Pro event for 2015 over the Father's Day weekend (September 5-6).

The event featured more than 150 professional gamers, who competed across four titles: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Star Craft 2 and Halo. Played over three main stages – each with a dedicated, live Twitch feed – the room was abuzz with competitive banter and desperate pleas for action from team captains. Competitors travelled from across Australia and New Zealand to attend - many meeting their teammates face-to-face for the first time - in a bid to do their respective teams proud.

Our Trident CS:GO boys did just that. The team started strong, tying the first match with team Skyfire, before out-playing Team Molotov by taking both maps. In what some people described as an unlikely turn of events the Trident eSports CS:GO team continued their excellent performance through the second day of competition, coming back after dropping the first map in the semi-final against Voxeminor and finishing in style with 16-3 on the following maps. The momentum faded momentarily when Trident dropped the first map to Team Skyfire in the Final and ultimately were bested on the second map despite a huge come-back from 15-10 to push the final score to 16-14. 

CS:GO Final Placements

1st: Team Skyfire

2nd: Trident eSports

3rd place tie: SYF Gaming / Voxeminor


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Final Placements

1st: Super Saiyans

2nd: Citadel Gaming

3rd: True AmBition.NAGA

4th: Sway Gaming

5th place tie: F7.Stimulate / TextBook Gaming

7th place tie: Peppa Pig / True AmBition.Serenity

9th place tie: Risen / Dynasty


Halo Final Placements

1st: FWD

2nd: Citadel Gaming Blue

3rd: Team Exile5

4th: Citadel Gaming Yellow

5th: True AmBition


Star Craft 2: Heart of the Swarm Final Placements

1st: Probe

2nd: Blysk

3rd: NXZ

4th: Law

5th place tie: Dropbear Alopex

7th place tie: Azure / Pezz 


Trident eSports would like to thank the organisers of the event, our excellent CS:GO team and, of course, our sponsors: Turtle Beach, SCUF Gaming, Arma Centrum, Pacific ES, OnlineKeyStore, WTFast and GUNNAR Optiks.




David Chattaway

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