Welcome 'Myth' to Trident #TridentHS

Thu 12th May 2016 - 10:12am

We are incredibly happy to welcome OCE Hearthstone player and all round Quidditch superstar James 'Myth' Hyder to the Trident family. The Hearth scene is OCE has for some time included great talent and we love the attitude that James brings to his game so couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to get him on board and help him reach his goals. With this we look to also bring a new audience to the HS scene and do what we can do to help the scene grow here in the OCE region.

James is a multiple Legend NA Player and has proven himself so far in the AU ESL series. Get used to seeing him around a lot more as well as James is keen to start streaming and passing on some Quidditch tips while he is at it. Not only can he construct a winning deck but James is studying to be a Civil Engineer at the same time which is a hard endeavour in itself so we admire his perseverance and dedication to be the best Hearth player he can be at the same time.

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