Statement on Trident.Athena player 'EXO'

Fri 31st Mar 2017 - 6:39am

As of the 31st of March at 5:05 pm AEST, the management body of Trident, in discussion with the 4 members of Trident.Athena, has come to an agreement to put ‘EXO’ on hold, pending contract termination, due to the evidence of cheating that has come to light.

We were approached with an account that was VAC banned, claimed to belong to EXO. We spoke to her about the findings and she confirmed that the account was hers and was able to prove that the ban was a TF2 cheating violation. The organisation’s stance on this violation is that it does not relate to her services as a CS:GO player and will not be punished, rather discussed and counselled.

However, with EXO’s recent ESEA ban and a third VAC banned account coming to light, we are currently investigating further and working with our contacts at ESEA and the Trident.Athena Team.

We will give EXO until the 3rd of April to disprove these claims and explain these bans. Should she be unable to do this, her contract will be terminated and she will be removed from the Trident organization.

We at Trident do not condone the act of cheating or wish to harbor it. We understand the community’s uproar at what has come to light, but we would like to remind everyone that hate and harassment of this player in the limelight at this time will not be tolerated.




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