Introducing the Trident Content Creators

Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 8:21am : Gaming : Dota2

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the following Content Creators to Trident Esports! We're excited to see what sort of content they can come up with and we'll be supporting them every step of the way.

Make sure to give them all a follow on both Twitter and Twitch.tv below:

Jesse "SynicuL" McLean

Jeff "SqueakyBoot" P

Keenan "Koinz" Kloppenburg

Starla "StarlyAU" Tanoi

We here at Trident are always looking for ways to expand into growing scenes and thus growing ourselves as an organization. We hope that this expansion is the beginning of a great chapter in our story as we support and encourage our newest members to achieve the best they can. #RaiseYourTrident 


 Be sure to follow @TridentEsports on Twitter to stay updated on when they all go live!



Dane Bracey - General Manager

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