Our return to DotA 2!

Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 10:08am Dota2

The Trident eSports DotA 2 team is a newly-formed team in the Australian region that is ready to take the scene by storm and show fans their passion and skill that combines to create an unstoppable force. With all 5 members hailing from different origins, whether it be from the Warcraft era of DotA, from the classic and popular Starcraft titles, from Heroes of Newerth, or the bottom of the DotA 2 MMR ladder, they all share the same humble beginnings.

Through dedication and perseverance, fueled by a burning desire for greatness and aided by their exceptional natural talent, our DotA 2 team have climbed to the highest echelons in DotA 2 and are now ready to shoot for the stars.

They are prepared to show the world exactly what their teamwork and talent is capable of, and will wield the mighty trident with pride as they emerge victorious and glorious. Led by captain and support "Kqt", a veteran in the scene with experience playing competitively in both DotA 2 and Heroes of Newerth where he stunned fans with his performances both locally and globally. Supported also by "Korny" the team will be tough to beat as he brings his strategy and skill to put on a spectacular show everytime he plays. The most experienced of our core players, "K9a4b" has been playing DotA since its earliest stages and has adapted to the ever-changing state of the game to become the mechanical monster he is today. Our carry player "Woodymo" began playing at the lowest tiers of DotA 2 matchmaking but quickly rose to the be in the highest 0.1% of all DotA 2 players but even fewer are as proficient as he is. Our final core player is "loseyourself" who within the timeframe of a few years became one of the highest ranked players in the Australian DotA 2 scene and is a powerhouse you should be sure to watch out for. All 5 of our players bring something unique to the team and share a vision for the future. Follow them as they achieve their dreams with Trident Esports! 

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Dane Bracey - General Manager

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